Saturday, October 27, 2012


We have several huge sugar maples on out property, so we're a few inches deep in leaves come late fall.  The granddudes were over today.  Aidan--aged 7-- suggested building a pile of leaves for them to jump into.  We made one taller than he is, and the two boys spent the next hour or more blissfully leaping into it.  It was joy to my soul to see these two kids who have been raised on video games and DVDs utterly delighting in a New England tradition that goes back hundreds of years.  When their mom told them it was time to leave, suggesting that they needed to go home to rest, Craig (he's 4) demonstrated that he didn't need to go home to rest, since he was sleeping comfortably in the leaves! 

Camera: iPhone 5  Processing: PSE


  1. This photo brought back many fond memories of traipsing through the autumn leaves. After all the raking, running, and jumping, a nap would be needed.

  2. lol So much fun (and I loved your videos on facebook)!

  3. My grandsons revel in a pile of leaves does warm the heart that they can lose themselves in a simple pleasure.