Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Endings and beginnings

John and I would like to extend to all of you our hope that the new year will bring you blessing and joy, beauty and fulfillment.

On another note, I wish to inform all of the kind people who have followed this blog that I am moving my digital home.  I do this with great reluctance, since I've maintained this blog since January 1, 2008.  Unfortunately, there have been unresolved issues with Blogspot not allowing people to post comments.  Because of this, I've started a new blog: BFCPhotos.wordpress.com. Please come visit me there!  I'll maintain this blog for a transition period; but if all goes well, I will probably end up closing this and moving permanently to Wordpress. 

As my parting shot, literally and figuratively, here is the video from last night's New Years celebration at my friends' home.  Be patient--it took a little while for the cannon to go off.


  1. Boom! Happy New Year Bobbie. I'll look forward to following you at your new spot.

  2. I'm looking forward to fillow your blog in 2013, I like your combination with photos and storys behind them. I also want to thank you for keeping up commenting my blog in 2012. I'm so grateful, it means a lot and I've been really bad on commenting in the last part of 2012. I'll do my best to be better in 2013 :-)