Tuesday, September 4, 2012


There's been a problem with the sensor of my Canon EOS T3 since I bought it last October.  Because I was afraid to use the camera for the first month or so after I bought it (I was terrified of dropping it), I didn't notice it until I'd had it past the return period. After that, I kind of ignored it, but when I looked at the photos from our vacation out west, I knew I'd have to have it fixed while it was still under warranty.  So, today, I brought it back to PC Richard, where I bought it, to have it looked at and probably sent back to Canon.  I feel bereft.  Where a little over a year ago, I was afraid to hold it, now I take it nearly everywhere I go.  I am suffering from separation anxiety. 


  1. Oh no! Jon sent his camera off to Canon (through our local camera store) and they told him 6-7 weeks to get it back. He got it back good as new in less than 3. Hopefully yours will come back to you soon!

    PS - Appease your fear of dropping & pick up a harness. Best $15 I ever spent. (So much better on my back, too!)


  2. Six to seven weeks!!!! >GASP< I'm glad he got it back so much sooner. What was the problem with it?

    But thanks for the reference. Even though I'm no longer afraid of the camera, I will look into it.

  3. I had to send mine off to Canon too for shutter repair and was excited to have it back in less than 2 weeks...and as good or better than new. Hope you have yours back by now (I haven't made it to your most recent post yet)