Friday, December 14, 2012


No photo today.  Can't do it in light of the unspeakable tragedy here in my state. 

My grandudes are in a school just like that one.  My kids went to a school just like that one.  Our town is a bit less affluent, but has about the same size and character as Newtown.  It could have been here.  It could have been my kids, my granddudes.  In a small state, it feels so close.  How can one survive being the parent or grandparent of one of those slaughtered children?  In it's own way, how can one survive the horror of knowing your own child or grandchild survived but your friends' and neighbors' didn't?  In a small close community, everyone is horribly irreparably wounded. Ten, twelve years, when their classmates go to the prom and graduate, these children who *should* have been there will still hauntingly be present.


  1. My heart breaks for the families and friends affected by this. I have been glued to the TV most of the day, unable to stop watching as events unfold. To see the President, and typically stoic newscasters, teary-eyed and choked up, conveys just how deeply this tragedy affects us all. Thankful your family is safe, Bobbie.

  2. The world is grieving for the innocent victims and those that loved them. There are no words to ease the pain and horror that they have experienced. This tragedy has touched everyone.

  3. Unimaginable horror and sorrow...I concur that there are no adequate words to describe this tragedy.