Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog problems

People seem to be having problems commenting on my blog. I'm hearing that a place to comment simply doesn't appear. I haven't changed any settings on the blog--and I certainly haven't disallowed any of you wonderful fellow challengers. Other Blogger people seem to be having the same issue, so it appears to be systemic. I don't know how to fix it. After over three years here, I don't want to shut down and start over elsewhere.

I know it's an inconvenience, but until it gets sorted out, I do post all the photos here over on Flickr at and on Tumblr at

So if it isn't working for you here, please consider trying there. And thank you always for your interest.



  1. This was fine Boggie the box is there and I am replying just FYI

  2. I'm not aware of having any problems with your blog Bobbie

  3. It all looks fine to me, and I'm one of the people that sometimes struggles. Maybe it's just a temporary blip for some people.

  4. Same here. All's currently ok for me.

  5. Jon was having problems, too. Here I am, commenting. I wonder if it sorted itself out?

  6. I will try to comment again today. I am able to see all your photos and captions so can enjoy them however I'd sure like to tell you how much I've enjoyed them.