Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trees: Sunset in Illinois

We are camping in Joliet, Illinois. The campground is actually part of a casino complex. We don't gamble (we leave that to the folk in the half million dollar motorhomes parked around us), but the campground is quite nice. It's not far off the highway but away from traffic noise.
@Val--We're following I-80, so I think we're north of you. Would have been great to get together. We haven't had Internet access outside of my iPhone.


  1. Joliet? Isn't that the Prison that Jake Blues was named after in the Blues Brother? I'd find those clouds a bit threatening!

  2. Wow, those colors are gorgeous! How far are you following i-80...heading towards Omaha??

  3. Unforunately, we won't be going through Omaha. We've left I-80 & we are now bouncing our way diagonally across Wisconsin.

    1. Be that way...I was hoping you would come through! :) I guess that would be a bit out of your way lol

  4. Actually, I-80 is south of us. It's Sunday today and we are just back from cruising down I-80 from LaSalle/Peru to Wilmington (to find Jon a bird). Starved Rock will be along your travels - GREAT place to explore if you have time. I've posted lots of blog pics from there. Stop in Omaha and see Tammy! She'll meet you at the Cracker Barrel right off the interstate.

  5. Oops - just saw your reply to Tammy...