Wednesday, December 21, 2011

U is for Utility Truck

I was pretty worried about U...and then, as if it were ordered, this utility truck showed up next our house. I asked the guys if they minded if I took a picture of their truck. They were a little worried due to all the bad press after the massive power outage, but I reassured them that I was a benign nut case who I harmless. It also helped that both were wearing Yankees caps & I told them (in all honesty) that I loved their hats. Us Yankees fans stick together.


  1. Looks like a storm is brewing. And I recognize that International Cab as one I sometimes drive. Oh, feel free to delete this if you want, as it is your blog, but The Yankees suck!

  2. Enlarged it's obvious: The picture is very well done, as always. Love especially the textures of this.
    BTW: There are no Yankees to be seen, alas ...

  3. A welcome sight when the power is out . . .

  4. Welcomed orange color... both to brighten the landscape and to brighten the homes with power.